As a writer I feel that I have a responsibility to communicate emotions and events and all things that happen in the world. I feel it is my due diligence to express through words and put down on paper what the world may or may not be feeling.

It is impossible to sit here in silence as a writer and not touch upon what is going on right now, so no, I refuse to be silenced.

I will not be silenced for the loss of a life that occurred under the supervision of someone who took an oath to “protect and serve”. Not only this loss of life but all the other blatantly avoidable tragedies of others that have been wrongfully interrogated, falsely accused and fatally harmed under an individual who was to “protect and serve” a community. The amount of disgust and downright hate, and you might not think that it is a strong word, but when you carry the emotions of hate around, you are so heavy. The amount of hatred that I have witnessed through social media, news outlets and other communication sources is astounding. And here we are listening to it, and that, people, is the problem.

Aside from being someone who was to “protect and serve” not even just a community but a nation, an oath under the waving freedom of the American flag. As he got in his police cruiser that morning, I can’t help but to wonder what his mission was and how it has changed throughout the years after taking an oath such as this. The police officer, who was rightfully convicted of manslaughter, was a human being at the end of the day. A human being that was previously known to show characteristics of poor policing, although under the waving American flag, he still served, but he didn’t serve for the community, he served for himself.

This war can begin with people who practice hate and the media will poke, prod and pour gas on it so the whole world is ablaze. Media binds us up with so many perspectives that we fail ourselves, our communities and our families at the end of the day. We are unable to form our own opinions outside the walls of the government, news and social media because if we did and formed a unity, we would be the most powerful weapons and we would have won this war a long time ago.

There will always be good people, bad people, opinionated people etc. wherever you go, whatever path you take in life you will cross paths with hard personalities, but it is our duty to not spread more hate than our communities can handle. It is our duty, as Americans no matter the race, views, opinions to “protect and serve” one another. We shouldn’t have to say, “let’s raise kids to treat one another better, let’s all treat one another better”, it is sad that we must repeat this, not only to treat one another better but let’s take an oath to treat one another with the respect that we equally deserve.  

Bullets and violence shouldn’t have to replace feelings.