It can wait.

Let me tell you something about waiting until tomorrow, tomorrow is the false pretense that we promise ourselves. We go over and rip that false fire alarm of just doing it tomorrow because its easier to break promises to ourselves than other people. When in reality we are selling ourselves short of everything that we deserved so long ago and before we know it, we are months behind of waiting until “tomorrow”. Months go by and then years, and we find ourselves reflecting saying “I wish I would have gone for it”, and here’s a good one “If I knew then what I knew now”.

 We wait for the right time to make the right moves to shatter our goals, only to sell ourselves short out of what we really deserve, we actually do this to ourselves. Then let’s integrate the emotional realities of worry, debating and then filtering in opinions of other people that barely know us. People that barely know what fibers make us really “us” have some invisible control over how we should conduct ourselves.

So, when is the right time to go for that goal? When is your perfect opportunity to strike? No, not now.

It was yesterday. We bet on the uncertainty of a future, that we neglect the choices that we can make in the present to improve ourselves for happiness. You lost the moment to strike when you said it can wait, until tomorrow, or a few months when funds are in order, when we are more prepared. I am not sure what these people are necessarily preparing for, because it can wait, and if that’s important, trust me, it shouldn’t wait. In order to make a plunge into the deep, you hold yourself accountable, you practice discipline and you ultimately say f*ck those unnecessary opinions because at the end of the day you have to lay in your own thoughts in bed whether they are satisfactory or not. Happiness is far more addictive and once you taste the accomplishment you are hooked.

Lastly, it can wait because right now I’m comfortable, or I’m “fine”. Listen, fine is not a feeling it’s a cover-up for how you really feel. Get out of your own head, put yourself out there. You might be insanely surprised when doors start to open, and you start to jump to different opportunities in new levels in your own life based on your own opinions.

Now go, get at it..