Someone once said to me, your way too much.

Well excuse the hell out of me, but who in the hell are you? I wanted to know why this person felt this way, and why I gave a flying **** about their ruthless existence or opinion. Because Empaths care…

We are the ones that look emotionless but feel everything to the deepest depths of our souls. We suck the emotional sponge dry and absorb what everyone else feels so willfully and unknowingly that it drains us down, dry to the bone. Although, when it comes time for us to explain our own emotions we are at a loss for words, we can’t find them so we act out in different ways to shadow them because explaining them is far too complex. Or we get someone that pulls the “you’re crazy” card on us… Grrrrr.

We are the empaths that carry the weight of everyone else’s emotional baggage around throughout the day and let it out whenever nobody is looking or listening. However, we do our best to hide it until we can’t anymore and it usually leads to bursting at the seams and exploding with reality and a plethora of everyone else’s emotions that have chained us down for far too long.

                Stop hiding in that shadow where your emotions can attack you when you’re all alone, you ‘ve got to keep your head above water and paddle on. You know what I’m talking about, the shower crying, the soft screaming in the pillow and even the “I’m going to the store”, sobbing behind the wheel. Empaths, we need to realize that we are enough for ourselves, we are enough for our families, spouses, friends, colleagues, etc. and maybe they just can’t handle all that we are made up of. We give our greatest, most days and some days are far worse than others and truthfully we all have those days where Netflix even asks us “If we are still watching?” and we aren’t sure if we are or not because it’s tough to be present in our own lives…as the melted tub of Turkey Hill cookie dough streams down your arm. Trust me, it happens we are only human.

                Maybe we soar along our path a little bit too fast, and when the world wants us to clip our wings and settle down, they just aren’t ready because they can’t handle what we have to throw at them, our true selves untainted by the baggage of others.  

                What I’m getting at is that We are Enough. We are full of downright ugly emotions that grip us at the worst times and steal every bit of sunshine that we are barely holding on to. We are full of beautiful moments that leave us simply breathless. So if someone ever dares to come and tell you your way too much, just know you’re enough for you and that’s all the clarification and acceptance that you will ever need. Then you are welcome to slap them in the face as well…

Take that time and distance from people to regain your strengths, you have to paddle on, you didn’t come this far in life to live for other people.

Although, maybe our passion for listening to others and becoming that emotional crutch has also been our greatest failure of emotional imprisonment for ourselves.