Attention Friends:
Short post today but definitely worth a share.
Sometimes being alone can bring out the very best in us, alternatively it can also awaken those silenced demons that we’ve been hiding for quite some time now.
I’m going to drop this here for anyone that needs it: If you or someone that you know is struggling with Mental Health during this time:
Please call 1-800-273-8255. Please call if you have a concern, this lifeline is available 24/7.

Every time you check the mailbox your anxiety shoots through the roof with what bills are due, every time your phone rings it’s a potential bill collector, it’s a state of living in fear. There are people losing their livelihoods, incomes, time and bank accounts are only growing lower. It is vital that we as friends and family check on those that we love and that we hear from them during this time of crisis. The media can offer a vast majority of things to keep you busy while your home but what they are not able to offer right now is a piece of mind. All the book reading, internet surfing, laundry folding are band aids to what our reality has become since the world has stopped. Many of those people that have lived their days “being on the go” have all halted and become jobless, mental health is what is important at a time like this and it’s a living hell for them. You just might be the phone call that saves them from themselves.

Its important that we share this information to get it out there to those in need during this crisis, be the call that saves a life.