Turn off the news, media, and updates, they make you nervous. As important as it is to keep updated in the world’s events it’s more important to also keep sane. We must harness as much  positivity right now that we can. Turn on some tunes, dance in your kitchen, living room and go full-on wild around the house. Sit on the porch with your children and have meaningful conversations that could lead to imaginary places.

Music affects our moods in ways that we never imagined if it wasn’t for music you and I would be suffering much more right now. The artists, the creators, and the innovators, we must thank them for the brilliancy they are famous for that brings us the inner peace we crave. Music is the motion of the soul, the mood of your mantra and the food of life.

The healthcare workers that are working around the clock to ensure that all patients are taken care of, those are the people that have the heart that you and I may not have. Those are the people that I also want to simply say Thank You and you should too. If you think well, they chose this profession “it’s their job”. Listen here you little snot, these people are risking their lives, saving other people’s lives, putting their families at risk and all you must do is park it on your couch. Now Sit down and shut up.

Let’s paint the world with a bucket of positivity at a time like this it is more than imperative that we come together than against one another and not create futile enemies flinging opinions that lead us into being keyboard warriors. Times like these show us that more people care about us than we initially thought, that being creative lies within the depths of every person, strangers are easier to reach out to. The sun won’t always shine but we will as human beings, for one another, especially in times of darkness.

Times that show us that meeting our friends for coffee and having a simple conversation was truly a gift, visiting our grandparents and hearing their stories is a beautiful thing. The best thing everyone can do right now is sit and wait. Sit and wait for a possibility of hope, an absolution, and pray to whomever it is that you believe in.

When all of this has reached an end and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I think that being thankful will mean something significantly more to every person.

“Together we Stand, Divided we Fall”