The beach appeared less than welcoming encased with jagged graphite rocks that glimmered in the blips of sunshine that was hopelessly trying to escape the clouds. She grazed her feet across the iridescent marble filled black sand beach as the wind swept the strands of hair away from her sun-kissed face. The ships danced silently on the white-capped waves as they caressed the everlasting glow of the gentle horizon line. The unpolluted environment wrapped her in a blinding solace recovering from the weighted demands of the world. She watched the pieces of herself glimmer as they broke off from each fragment of her soul, mystically floating around her then aiming towards the cloudy brush strokes of the plush pink dreamsicle sky.

She sewn her eyes shut tightening them with faith as she tranquility tipped backward allowing herself to collapse in the comfort of the black sand marble beach, her white dress draped in the wind as she made her transitory debut to the Earth.

She plunged into the bristles of the marbles that encased her lifeless body, she opened her eyes as several incoming voices chattered among the airwaves. She unclenched her eyes, opening them to the gray world that blanketed her surroundings, her computer flooding with emails, phones ringing off of the hook and mindless chatter.

She was sick of living in black, white and bland environment, she wanted more, she believed she was more and enough.

I want to cultivate a life that I no longer feel that I want to escape, I want the feeling, rush, and aurora of the Black Sand Beach to be my reality in everything that I do”