Due to the recent events in the news, we are being told to practice “Social Distancing”, or quarantine if you will. Many of those which are stocking up on mounds of toilet paper to cope, which if you need that much to pass two weeks by you should have probably previously sought out medical care. Small businesses are closing their doors, large businesses are cutting hours to deal with in-demand products and we are in mass panic mode. Thank your health providers for what they are doing, the wave of emotions they are going through a day is not easy and the hours are extensive. Thank those in your grocery stores stocking the shelves around the clock with whatever product they have to offer so you and your family have what you need. This is a time to come together…

                Store shelves are bare, and aisles are running rampant with “I want to see the manager moms”. Schools are closed for the next two-weeks and parents are scrambling to find childcare, so they can work and provide during this difficult time. Although, amidst the chaos, I’ve seen several community members come together to offer services, lunches and a safe environment for those kids that their only escape was going to school during the day. The resiliency that is blooming during this pandemic between those that barely or may not even know one another is sincere and heartwarming.

                Are we able to stay positive at a time like this? Absolutely! We can foster optimism while we are stuck in the place that we usually only “visit” during the week while we live at work. This brings us the opportunity to reconnect with those that we love, spend time with them and interact in ways that we wish that we could during our busy schedules. Give your family members a call during this time to simply catch up, give your family the time that you wish you could when you are plagued with your busy schedule.

                Above all, let’s come together as a community when we return to “normalcy” again and drive traffic to our local businesses that need our support the most. The little shops around the corner that just opened their doors with high hopes, the mom and pop joints that have been around for several years. Let’s set a Small Business Saturday to do this for our community members and businesses and ultimately let’s show them the support that they deserve through the art of community and connection.

                Returning to “normalcy” after the magnitude of this pandemic might raise awareness amongst people.

The awareness for one another that was so simple, that we should have had all along.