It will soon be two years since I lost my best friend, and the walks will never be the same as I face them alone, as I long for the jingling of her collar as her paws pranced around the corner.

Perhaps our best friends don’t come in human form, perhaps they are the furry little faces that great us with the utmost joy every time we walk through the threshold of our homes. Homes covered in pet fur, scattered toys, playful paws and happy hearts. Cabinets filled to the brim with dry food, wet food and a surplus of beloved treats.

Every pet that I have owned has become far more than just a pet, but a best friend, counselor, companion and a shoulder to cry on. An endlessly loving heart that gives the undivided attention that we wish people would give us most of the time. Each moment spent with them is an honor, as they only are here to hold our hearts for what only seems like a moment, while we hope to hold their paws forever.

There are divine reasons that we meet and invite these little sweet beings into our homes as they teach us many things in terms of responsibility, compassion and how to love something other than ourselves. However, in having so many lessons to offer us, they obviously aren’t capable of speaking but their touch soothes us more than they will ever know. We watch them grow from the fragile tiny pets they are to the medium size pent up romp houses that do countless spirals around our couches, fetches anything that falls from our hands on accident and then runs away with it, swimming in lakes chasing those not so playful geese at the park to once again a content fragile soul but with tired eyes.

In that time period, you have never laughed, played or loved anything harder than you did with your pet. Although, it is only during the last few days, and last breath of life that we realize that we needed them much more than they ever needed us.