So how does the frequency that you receive from people impact your life?

Shifting your perception and trajectory in life can be enough of a personal trial to overcome. Now cue in the fact that you just may be surrounding yourself with people that hold the power between your success and failure.

There are a ton of people in this world that you wouldn’t let sit at your table and enjoy a drink with and share your most personal ideas and thoughts. Number one, you would probably end up letting the whiskey do the talking which = TRUTH. Number two, you must become a human chameleon of emotional make-up to be around them. Although your letting them block your path to success and a drama free life? Better re-think your Tribe, don’t be surrounded with a bunch of weighted anchors.

Your Tribe is Your Vibe, your tribe can help you build, create and sail your own personal ship, they also hold the power of making you sink. They will drag you down to the depths of the ocean while your gasping for air with their own self-inflicted tragedies. Get an exorcism on your Tribe, Now Breathe, Expel the demons.

Introducing the people of your circus: *cue the circus tunes*

Negative Nancy: Hum, Drum, Woe is me. You’re only keeping this person around because you’re an empath, you damn bleeding heart you. Usually you could hand this person a backhoe, a shovel, all necessary excavating equipment to get themselves out of the hole. They won’t take it, considering sitting there wallowing in self-pity seeking attention is far easier than trying. The cloud that is always raining on them like Eeyore. They sit, they spin, and they flow in the waters of everyone’s attention.

“Me-Myself and I”: You may have a better conversation with a wall with this one and at least that wall might have two coats of paint on it, this person has enough emotional and facial make up to adhere to paint lacquer. The “I better pout my lips on social media before someone wonders where I am person”. The sad truth is this person is about as fake as their nails, although they are going need them to dig themselves out of that narcissistic personality.

You meet the crier, the shining star, the narcissist, the left brainer, the right brainer and each of these people play essential key roles touching our lives in strategic ways. The people that you met when alcohol was only the glue holding that relationship together.

Referencing those people who we drink with and then there’s the one’s that make us drink.

However, each person that we encounter helped us figure out why they aren’t necessary contributors to our success and most of all our personal well-being. They constructed to give us guided principals to follow, to not fall into those destructive personality traits.

Want better people in your life? Be a better person, be a bigger person, you need to become what you want to attract. More positive influential people are what you crave? Be that person, join those groups, listen to the local influential podcasts of those that have the same dreams as you. Read things that are nurturing to the soul and most of all write what you feel, a pen and a notebook is one of the most powerful things you can own.

Those aren’t justifying grounds to keep a person around.

You want people who push you to complete and then repeat.

“If you surround yourself with clowns, don’t be surprised when your life turns out like a circus”- Steve Maraboli

*End clamoring of circus tunes*