What do you want to be when you grow up? You have a wonderful imagination! Stop daydreaming, what is wrong with you! You’re weird, nobody thinks like that! Quit doodling while I’m talking to you, I swear your mind is always somewhere else, and it was, it really was.

Seriously, this is exactly what happens to everyone when they are younger, imagination is encouraged yet stripped away when you become an adult. If we were able to dive in the depths of our great imagination when we become adults, we would only think about the variety of furniture that the local furniture store has to offer as well as this week’s grocery ad and that is a bleak reality.

We are taught to conform to the norm, but what really is the norm?

Who has this definition of normalcy and what mundane yoo-hoo set out on a mission to define it?

The lengths that we go to as children to discover, make friends and embark on new journeys is absolutely riveting and this is what we expect our adulthood to turn out like. Instead, we are taught that we must not become vulnerable in society, we build emotional walls that turn out to be so high that we lose who is living inside of them. We are bound by certain expectations, demands and limitations that have been set for us unknowingly our whole life, we were just too naïve to know they were ever coming.

                If we turn out a little bit different, we think a little bit too much outside of the box and say a little bit too much we are shun for our behavior and cast away to the shadows. We taste happiness in things that serve us by becoming vulnerable in situations that expose who we truly are and the taste is purely sensational. Sometimes we these “risks” into society or even relationships with the best of intentions, occasionally they bring happiness and sometimes they do not, and the older I get, personally, when I’m handed something as potent as a bill of regret, NOT trying is the largest disservice I could ever do to myself. Failure is only what you make of it, and only what you define as failure in your four walls of emotional and societal solitude, but if the first attempt you tasted “happy” you better chase that taste and use that imagination.

                The most chilling part of life is that everyone has stopwatch built into their very existence, whether you hear it or not, or chose to ignore it, the seconds are ticking, and time is truly a treasured thing to waste.

Whether your in a relationship, bucking the walls of society or just tapping the surface to be in tune with who you have become, there are several chapters that cannot be skipped, repeated or fast-forwarded but the race has begun so always use your imagination little one and get your appetite ready because tasting happiness in your passion is what we’ve always wanted all along.