“There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me”- Pink Floyd

Unplug the device and plug it back in. If you are like me, you have said this to several family members to do a “hard reset” on something and more than likely while rolling your eyes to the back of your head.

Often, we forget that people too need a hard reset, especially ourselves, sometimes we need to simply “unplug”. We meander through life living in a third-person reality becoming a spectator, we are living in this body that is carrying us through the motions while we lay lifeless inside. With bouts of Anxiety and Depression more prevalent than ever in an ever-demanding society filled with these ridiculous expectations and unimaginable debt.  

Emotions such as these are extremely realistic- like someone else is narrating everything you see, feel, touch and do.

Then it hits you like a ton of bricks- The Quarter Life Crisis. Talk about a fast forward catapult into the drowning depths of reality, I’ve been here, and I have never had so many flooding thoughts regarding accomplishments, why haven’t I traveled? And so on, basically anything you can imagine, to why did I eat those queso covered delicious nachos (Um because I treated myself).  The flood of retrospection into your life pulsates through your brain with raw emotional negativity stealing every single sense of inner peace you were clutching onto. You feel locked in a cage and you are the bird just awaiting to fly again, and I promise you will fly again.

The things that struck home for me were my accomplishments, I wasn’t where I thought I would be by now. People that I knew were married, having kids of their own and taking elaborate vacations and seemed so happy.

What the hell was my problem?

After that day, I stopped comparing myself to other people’s accomplishments and focused on what I needed to do to feel as good as eating those queso covered nachos. I thanked my Quarter Life Crisis for coming around and giving me the ass kick I needed to get motivation, inspiration and to do something to change what mundane, watch the news, read the paper old woman mentality I was living in. If I had never actually broke my shell of living each day in third person, I would still be stuck in the realm of having my “real self” buried somewhere deep within the depths of my soul blanketed by severe anxiety and depression. If you are going through this as I am sure that I still am, know that you are not alone when it hits you out of nowhere.

Here is what you can do if you are experiencing this:

  • Let yourself really have it. Breakdown. write it down. What do you need to do to change it?
  • -Talk to your friends and family because more than likely they have experienced this wild ride but are holding back from talking about it. Nobody likes to admit that they are upset, so it will take the utmost patience.
  • -Quit comparing yourself to someone else, immediately. Stop that.
  • -Listen to music, Music is such a mood changer and has significantly helped me combat a lot of things.
  • Make your list, stick to it and smash those goals

Let’s thank the Quarter Life Crisis for what it teaches us, after all we can’t stay stagnant.