*HARD eye roll*.

I know you’ve seen this mantra in stencil plastered across your local home decor store frequently purchased by a girl clenching her iced coffee and it’s even in a wooden form now for your mantel so you can experience all three emotions at once while you snug on your couch. Swoon.

Realistically, it should say “Live because we can barely afford to exist, Laugh because we are so poor from our student loans and Love because well hell you guessed it, at least that’s somewhat free”. So, as you plant yourself comfortably on your couch with a nice glass of red wine and ease into a deep relaxation, stare at those simple three words and come up with others. Even the ones that hurt, the ones that inflict so much pain it’s almost unbearable to deal with, and the ones that spark your heart.

Give me your Guts.

The world a slow blood sucking zombie chasing you constantly, if you let it. It will proudly devour your abilities to think, to escape, to do anything that might be individualistic. And here you are reading this realizing that you have been scooped up, eaten, torn to shreds and your brain is mush. All we are doing without doing something that we actually WANT to do is living on autopilot, food, sleep and work. (Grr insert zombie noise here) Maybe what we mustn’t fear is the greatest pandemic taking over but the world stealing our greatest traits of conformity and individualism. Recently, I had made the choice to get a new piercing and you can’t believe the negativity that came from that. “Worry about yourself”


Whatever situation you are in that those three words become so painful to describe your life your allowed to cry, pout, scream and shout. Seriously flip out. To take a breather from whatever you are facing, I used to think this made me seem weak, crazy and potentially just an all-around NUT. I hate that word “Stop being crazy”, ever heard this? You are human, you have emotions and whatever narcissistic personality say’s this, you better leave the table this person is sitting at or flip it. I’m not sure about you but I have even shoved myself in the shower so I can “Let it out”. Every single time I have picked the shower to have my breakdown because it’s an embarrassment and from what I’ve gathered this is the most popular pick amongst the several of the women I know and the reason why will shatter you “ because my significant other won’t see or hear me , and know that I am showing weakness, vulnerability and ultimately craziness”.

We stay so strong for so many people throughout the day, but we forget the person who we are meant to stay the strongest for, ourselves. We are so entirely busy every single day, taking care of kids, husbands, wives, pets that going to the grocery store is a vacation or an outlet to lose it. I have also come across those that patch up everything with humor and sarcasm, we make others laugh because the depths of our sadness is too much for us to even express, we can’t make our own smiles so we look for them in others.

I can’t stress how important it is to take time for yourself no matter what role you play in life, we are all important we all have stress Find your Outlet. This is mine and that’s why I am letting you know you aren’t alone and never will be.

This isn’t how you live and this will not be how it ends.