I don’t say something like that lightly, you become mentally dangerous, you realize what potential you have, and you expand on it. I have heard several times, “What’s your hobbies” and I found myself searching for something to come up with, so I didn’t look like a mundane fool. Everything that I have tried, I gave up on, however I always came back to writing and now I am pretending like it’s my job. Although if I didn’t have to pretend and it could become my job what would it be like? It would be my hobby.

If you work at a passion hard enough and you keep yourself from distraction, that’s when you’ve ignited your flame, and when you expand on it is when you become dangerous, you pour gasoline and it floods your appetite with something that is meaningful. Now instead of asking people what they do for a living, I ask them what their hobbies are and hope they have the courage to light that fire because that’s all it takes is courage.

There are several people that I come across that drag themselves through every single day, experiencing them like they’ve lived them numerous times before, counting down the clock until it’s over and they can go home and stick their face to a social media outlet. They wake up and do it all over again. There are many questions that make people recoil, one of those being “Tell me a little bit about yourself”. If you are like me, you want to be like no thank you I’d rather not. You search for every fiber that makes up who you are, family , friends, your car, your house, but you never say what lights your flame because you are afraid to light it and someone blow it out with words of rejection if you really went for it.

You have the best expense reports out the company, you work diligently, you bring donuts to every team meeting and your basking in your glory as your thanked for a special treat, but there’s something missing there Yankee Doodle, that feather in your hat is all you’ve got to show for it.

Why is that the simplest and the hardest of questions to answer? Its simple because we aren’t prepared to take flight, so we stay grounded, that way we are playing it safe. We are creatures of habit, we love praise, recognition and pay raises, welcome to the American Dream.

Although if I were to ask you “Tell me a little bit about (insert name here) “, you’d be more than happy to divulge every tidbit of information and remember each moment you’ve spent with this person whether it is positive or negative.

Perhaps we should be more prepared to answer our own questions about ourselves before responding to questions about others.

So, what can you do right now in this very moment to reach your full potential?

Pour your gasoline on that fire, ignite it and set the world ablaze with what you can do and do it like it’s your lifeline.