A little Bit About Me..

Who am I?

I am roughly 30 years young, I have decided to embark on the journey of writing, I have been writing since I was very young although I was always afraid to share anything because of a strong fear of critical opinions. Which whatever will be, will simply be.

So I just went for it. I’m not for everyone and I am content with that.

What I have learned throughout my 30 short years on this Earth is that several of things that I was writing about are things and perspectives that others also experience. After all we just want something or someone that relates to who we are, what we feel and what we have yet to experience. We want someone out there who can sit down and have a real and truthful meaningful conversation. I have also found that meaningful conversations are quite hard to come by these days and to find that in a person is an exceptional but rare trait to discover.

To write my Blog, I vary in music that I listen to that puts in me in a “mindset” or “zone” if you will but mainly “Pink Floyd” is able to provide me with the transient experience I am searching for, accompanied by a small spot of wine. Eventually, I plan to not just write a blog but to write small short stories to take your imagination elsewhere so you may peacefully escape the terrors of reality, whatever those may be for you.

Thank you for coming here and reading my Blogs, I hope that you too can relate to what I have written for the world to view, and I hope that it all finds you well. So give Blog Feed a try I just might be your cup of tea.