My Name is Stacy, this is my blog Every Other Friday, based out of Pittsburgh, PA.

In this blog, learn from the writings of life, know that there are people out there who feel the exact same way, the way we all want to be related to.

Strictly Stacy

I’m a fun loving person, that wants to make difference in the writing community. I feel that in order to do that through writing, it’s important for people to enjoy relatable content. This lifestyle blog touches upon the in’s and out’s of life while expressing some serious truths.

I turned 30 and something seriously hit me other than my grey hair peaking through, I haven’t left my mark on the world quite yet, in fact I haven’t done anything except sit in a soul-sucking colorless cubicle. So other than panic bleaching my hair and turning it into a sopped up bowl of Ramen noodles, I figured it was much better to throw my personality out there..

Enter the quarter-life crisis after finishing school, holy hell. So I talked with some of my most creative friends after showing them what I had written in the past few months, they pushed, I pushed back, then I went for it. What do I have to lose? People are out there watching other people play video games… Why can’t I write and see where it goes…

Recently, I have published children’s stories and in doing so, I think I have also really started to grab my imagination back from my childhood. What a fun experience!

If you or someone you know needs a writer… You came to the right place. I burst at the seams with vivacious ideas as well as sprinkles of humor.

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Right before my sister and I took on the buffet

for a four hour feast.. Don’t forget to smile..

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One of the most inspirational and downright creative people that I have met is the dude that runs this Podcast, Jordan Hauser. The Podcast runs out of Greensburg, PA and features some wonderful small business owners and showcases what this awesome town has to offer. He recently rolled out some awesome swag for this too, I snatched a coffee mug and I’m telling you, you have to get one! Check that hoodie swag out ! I dropped the link below..get one of your own!



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